About us

High Heels Personal Shopping
founded by Sophie Deedes

Sophie has been in the Fashion Industry for several years and in this time has worked with a number of well established designers such as Anya Hindmarch, Matches – Freda Design, Heidi Klein, Pringle, Apsara, Emma Hope, Mulberry, Tania and many more.

Her career to date has given her a unique insight into understanding how clothes reflect an individual’s style and this, coupled with her life long passion for clothes, has now led to a rewarding career as a personal stylist. She is still involved in working with these designers and is also helping to establish and expand a new label.

The advantage of having worked in different departments of the industry – buying, merchandising and production – has helped Sophie build her knowledge, contacts and most importantly the experience to run a 5 star personal shopping service.

She will help you discover and develop your own sense of style, make you feel confident about your image and help you to find the clothes that reflect your personality. No two people are the same and Sophie offers a unique and bespoke service which will help you to achieve the look and style that suits you best.

Sophie is a qualified Image Consultant and is an Associate Member of the Alicia Kite Academy.

“Our afternoon was a great success; you quickly identified what I was looking for (colour, style and price-wise) so I didn’t have to spend a lot of time trying on things that weren’t suitable. I really enjoyed the afternoon. Your enthusiasm and determination to find what I was looking for took away all the normal drudge of shopping and just left me with some lovely new clothes that I’m very pleased with. I would definitely recommend you to my friends.”
Polly – London

“Thanks so much for doing the wardrobe overhaul with me – you put together items I never would have thought about and gave me valuable advice. I had a great time on the shopping afternoon too as you also picked out great items and helped me step out of my usual comfort zone. It really helped me get out of the “slummy mummy” rut I was in and boosted my confidence getting back to work. People have really noticed the difference and I’ll definitely get in touch with you again next season!”
Leanne – London

“After the birth of my second child and still wearing my maternity jeans after a year – I felt more more like a Slummy Mummy rather than a Yummy Mummy –  I was put in touch with Sophie Deedes, the founder of High Heels Personal Shopping Londonand booked myself in for half a day of wardrobe weeding and then half a day of personal shopping.  Having never been much of a fashionista, with two children at home and very little time to think about my clothes I had no idea what to expect – and what a delightful surprise!  Sophie’s relaxed and calm approach made me feel much more positive as she worked her way through my wardrobe – advising me on how to group my clothes, co-ordinate outfits, how to accessorize, what styles suited my body shape and lifestyle and how to make my clothes work for me – after 4 hours of Sophie’s professional and glamorous eye I began to feel and walk like a new woman!   Sophie worked to my budget advising me on key styles and fashion must haves to compliment my newly weeded wardrobe.   After a day with Sophie, I feel much more confident and co-ordinated and can say goodbye to impulsive fashion purchases saving money and valuable time – I cannot recommend her service enough – Thank you you Sophie for such a wonderful day!”
Mrs Horton – London

“I have always thought I was reasonably in control of my wardrobe and style, I would sometimes have off days but otherwise thought they way I looked was ok.  After chatting to friends who had been to been to see a personal shopper/stylist I thought, actually I would really like a re-vamp of my wardrobe.  Sophie has been fantastic and totally turned the way I dress and shop around.  I feel more confident, more stylish and actually a lot sexier.  And what is great is that people have noticed!  Thanks Sophie you are such a star!!” 
Victoria – London 

“I have never had the guts or money to have a personal shopper, but coming across this website made me think. I am so bad at popping into shops and buying cheap things VERY OFTEN.. and High Heels showed me the light. You only need a few good things to make a difference. I really thought the service was amazing. I spent the afternoon with Sophie and she took me to lots of shops and there were certain things I will never pick out again (for my body shape and age….) She was lovely and we had a laugh doing it. I really really would use her service again, hopefully every season to update my wardrobe. thank you so much sophie and High Heels.”
Mrs Lamb – Northamptonshire

“I am a 60+ woman who had a huge wardrobe of winter and summer clothes going back over 20 years! Every 2-3 years I have my make up updated, and why on earth I have never done a wardrobe weed before is beyond me. Sophie was brilliant, patient, tactful, charming, and everything I expected to achieve was achieved. It was a mammoth task, but my wardrobe now looks streamlined and in control. I also know what key pieces and shapes I need to buy in the future to mix and match with what remains. I feel a personal shopping outing will be necessary in the Autumn, which I am hoping my husband will give me for my birthday!! Thank you High Heels for all your help.”
Lindsay – London

“Thank you very much for the afternoon. It was a great help to have you with me – we went to lots of places I would never have chosen and I am very pleased with the things I have bought.”
Claire – Amsterdam

“Very much enjoyed last week and am loving the clothes.”
Natalie – London

“Had a super day yesterday and am absolutely delighted with the purchases so many thanks for your hard work. You now have another regular client as it took all the stress right out of the shopping.”
Jane – Oxfordshire

“Thank you so much for a great shopping day yesterday. I’m so pleased with what we managed to find and I’m really excited about finding new labels with such beautiful clothes. Hope to shop with you again soon, so helpful to have your expert eye. Once again thank you and happy shopping!”
Yvonne – London